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Name URL Cost Address Year Created Type Audiences Technologies User count Creators Description Evolution Tech Description Uses Reasons Managers Strategies Pros Limitations Difficulties Publications
Schoolzilla Paid USA 2013 Commercial Teachers Analytics 0 Renaissance Learning, Inc. Platform that houses all student data for a school: number of days missed, number of detentions, grades, etc. This helps teachers and principals manage the school and their students Highlights data identified as important N/A Makes it easy to monitor students N/A Ziegenhagen, L., et Ruffalo, R. (2016). Using Data-Driven Performance Management to Achieve District Goals.
Khan Academy analytics Free USA 2011 Academic - School Preschool (0-5 years), Primary (6-11 years old) and Secondary (12-17 years old) Analytics 0 David Hu Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom. With Khan Academy, teachers can identify gaps in their students' understanding, tailor instruction, and meet individual student needs. S.O. Adaptive learning S.O.
leafsnap Free USA 2011 Commercial General public Visual recognition 0 Columbia University, University of Maryland, Smithsonian Institution Leafsnap is a mobile application that uses visual recognition software to identify tree species from photographs of their leaves. Visual recognition. Learning new tree species. Identifying tree species N/A Automatically identifies tree species from photographs of their leaves. Helps students notice, categorize and contextualize street trees in models of evolution. Free Currently for iPhone and iPad only Kumar, N., Belhumeur, P. N., Biswas, A., Jacobs, D. W., Kress, W. J., Lopez, I. C., & Soares, J. V. (2012, October). Leafsnap: A computer vision system for automatic plant species identification. In European conference on computer vision (pp. 502-516). Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg.
StepWise for Accuplacer Paid 5918 W. Courtyard Dr. Suite 500 Austin, TX 78730. 2013 Commercial Secondary (12-17 years old) and Post-secondary (18 years and over) Natural language processing and Analytics 0 Querium Corporation Querium’s StepWise for Accuplacer is a personalized and adaptive review program designed to prepare students for the test on their smartphones. ACCUPLACER is a series of tests that evaluate students’ skills in reading, writing, and math to help college administrators place them in courses that match their skills. Adaptive learning to target exactly where a student is having the most difficulty. Artificial intelligence technology to improve students' problem-solving skills through step-by-step feedback. Preparation for the Accuplacer test (mathematics) N/A Focus exactly where a student struggles the most. Tips, complete solutions and even explanations of incorrect answers for every practice question. $30 per student
Botsify Paid D166, 7 Shaheed-e-Millat Road, Modern Society PECHS, Karachi, Pakistan 2016 Commercial Teachers Natural language processing and Analytics 0 Botsify Inc. Botsify is a platform for creating your own automated online chatbots to improve learning processes, increase engagement, and gather feedback using AI. Students can converse with the chatbot on a specific topic, learn that topic through text and images, videos, and hundreds of interactive features. After learning a subject, students can take quizzes and submit their results to their teachers. AI (machine learning and natural language processing) to turn lessons into interactive conversations, Gather feedback. Chatbot creation platform N/A Turn lessons into interactive conversations, Gather feedback and conduct online evaluations, Increase engagement with personalized chat flows, instantaneous help anytime. The price depends on the plan chosen, starting at $49/month (personal plan)
IntelliMetric Paid 6805 US-202, New Hope, PA 18938, États-Unis 1998 Commercial Teachers Natural language processing, Visual recognition and Analytics 0 Vantage Labs IntelliMetric is an artificial Intelligence - powered essay scoring platform. It is capable of scoring written assignments regardless of writing level, so scores and feedback will be relevant to the individual's capabilities. Analyze and record the compositions. Writing assessment platform N/A Immediate feedback to students, Report and reject any submission if it is off topic or inappropriate, Free up time for teachers. Paid, but the price is not specified. Rudner, L. M., Garcia, V., & Welch, C. (2006). An evaluation of IntelliMetric™ essay scoring system. The Journal of Technology, Learning and Assessment, 4(4).
VIGO Paid 284, rue de l'Hôtel de Ville Saguenay, QC G7H 4W7 Commercial Primary (6-11 years old), Secondary (12-17 years old), Teachers and Learners with special needs Natural language processing and Analytics 0 Optania ViGO is a virtual school assistant that supports students who are witnesses or victims of bullying and who don't want to talk about the experience until they're ready to report it. The platform suggests potential solutions and various empowerment exercises. When a student who is a witness or victim of bullying is ready to talk about their situation, ViGO makes it easy to access the resources available in their school setting. Natural language processing to interact with the individual, AI to analyze the student's results and guide a metacognitive dialogue, AI to connect with young people who don't want to discuss what they’re going through Virtual support for students who are witnesses or victims of bullying N/A Facilitates access to various solutions, Provides support as part of an assistance process to gain control over the situation, Information sheets for parents. Must be purchased, but the price is not specified.
c-rater Paid 660 Rosedale Road Princeton, NJ 08541 USA Commercial Teachers Natural language processing 0 Educational Testing Service (ETS) The c-rater engine provides a robust solution to scoring and feedback that uses machine learning to evaluate the content of a response, even if it contains grammatical or style errors. It provides a robust solution to scoring that looks beyond keyword matching to assess content. The c-rater engine automatically scores responses while maintaining consistency across test takers with all the reliability of human scoring, allowing teachers to focus less on grading and more on doing what they do best — teaching and mentoring students. Automatic content scoring of short freetext student answers in English N/A Save time and money by automatically evaluating responses Price Sukkarieh, J. Z., & Stoyanchev, S. (2009, August). Automating Model Building in c-rater. In Proceedings of the 2009 Workshop on Applied Textual Inference (pp. 61-69). Association for Computational Linguistics.
First Class Free 801, États-Unis Academic - School Teachers Natural language processing, Visual recognition and Analytics 0 Pennsylvania State University First Class is an immersive experience platform that brings the power of augmented reality to teacher education. First Class features a virtual K–12 class with six AI students, allowing aspiring teachers to use movement, voice, and gestures to interact with and react to the “virtual students” as the latter engage in a variety of behaviors. Immersive experience platform for aspiring teachers s.o. Practice authentically, Virtual students, Valuable feedback to users during and after their experience N/A
AutoTutor Free Institute of Intelligent Systems, University of Memphis, 365 Innovation Dr, Memphis, TN 38152, USA Academic - School Post-secondary (18 years and over) Natural language processing, Visual recognition, Speech Recognition and Analytics 0 The University of Memphis AutoTutor is a computer tutor that helps students learn by holding a conversation in natural language. It simulates a tutorial dialogue between human tutors and students as they work step-by-step through online tasks. AutoTutor tracks the cognition and emotions of the student and responds in a manner that adapts to the student. Emotions are recognized by the dialogue patterns, facial expressions, and body posture of the student. Learning physics and computer skills N/A Conversations in natural language (written or spoken). Conversational Agent adapts to the student, encouraging students to develop detailed responses and deep understanding N/A Graesser, A. C., Li, H., & Forsyth, C. (2014). Learning by communicating in natural language with conversational agents. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 23(5), 374-380.
Uptale Paid 128 RUE LA BOETIE 75008 PARIS 2018 Commercial Post-secondary (18 years and over), Teachers, Researchers and Other education actors Natural language processing, Speech Recognition and Analytics 0 Uptale Uptale is the immersive learning platform designed for businesses to create, distribute, monitor and manage 360° and virtual reality training modules. Language processing, learner data processing, heat map, voice recognition and analysis, word cloud, vocabulary clues... Immersive learning platform N/A Learning in a 360-degree environment. Data analysis. Must be purchased
Netex Learning Paid Icaro 44. 15172. Oleiros. A Coruña, Espagne. Commercial Secondary (12-17 years old), Post-secondary (18 years and over), Teachers and Other education actors Analytics 0 Netex knowledge factory Netex Learning allows educators to design digital content and curricula across multiple devices, using audio, video, and Online-instructor assessment. With Netex, teachers can create customized student materials to be published on any digital platform while providing tools for video conferences, digital discussions, personalized assignments, and learning analytics that show visual representations of each student’s personal growth. Content processing, Breakdown textbook content into digestible “smart” study guide: chapter summaries, true-false and multiple choice practice tests, flashcards N/A Personalized learning, Users communicate with each other, Sharing learning content using playlists, Real-time progress updates for the learner Price
Lalilo Free features Liberté Living Lab, 16 rue du Caire 75002 Paris 2016 Commercial Primary (6-11 years old) Speech Recognition and Analytics 0 Lalilo Lalilo is a web application that teachers can use in the classroom to differentiate their teaching from reading. Through speech recognition and adaptive learning, Lalilo detects each student’s strengths and weaknesses and ensures they’re working on lessons and exercises suitable for their level of development. Adaptive learning, speech recognition Learning to read N/A Differentiate teaching, Free teacher edition Premium version for schools
Choosito! Free features University City Science Center, 3401 Market St., Philadelphia,PA 19104, USA Commercial Primary (6-11 years old), Secondary (12-17 years old) and Post-secondary (18 years and over) Natural language processing and Analytics 0 Choosito! Inc. Choosito is a smart search engine that safely searches the web for resources based on your students' reading level! Machine learning, language processing smart search engine N/A Custom search Limited free version, premium $ 50 / class Kynigou, P., et Sarantes, H. (2016). Setting the Stage for i2Flex: The View from the Elementary School. Dans Revolutionizing K-12 Blended Learning through the i²Flex Classroom Model (pp. 190-207). IGI Global.
Smart enseigno Free Educlever PARIS, 59 rue Benoit Malon, 94250 Gentilly, France 2019 Academic - School Primary (6-11 years old) Analytics 0 EDUCLEVER, CABRILOG, INRIA WIMMICS, LUDOTIC A rich, evolving body of mathematical resources for CP, CE1 and CE2 classes [in the French school system], SmartEnseigno offers students a range of learning activities reflective of their needs (adaptive learning). The teacher has a dedicated digital assistant (smart dashboard). Adaptive learning, smart dashboard, expert system, reasoner, machine learning Learning mathematics N/A Personalized learning, student monitoring N/A
Alexa Paid 1100 Enterprise Way Sunnyvale, CA 94089, USA 2014 Commercial Post-secondary (18 years and over), Teachers and Learners with special needs Natural language processing and Speech Recognition 0 Amazon Lab126 With Alexa, students, educators, and parents can use their voice to interact with technology that deepens learning, provides access to critical information, and saves time. Students can track upcoming events on their calendar, get study resources, or make an appointment with a guidance counselor– all without having to open their computer. Teachers can use Alexa to prepare for upcoming lessons, while administrators can quickly access important information like enrollment statistics. Speech recognition N/A Quick access to information N/A Chung, H., Park, J., & Lee, S. (2017). Digital forensic approaches for Amazon Alexa ecosystem. Digital Investigation, 22, S15-S25.
Knowji Paid Palo Alto (USA) Commercial Primary (6-11 years old) and Learners with special needs Analytics 0 Knowji, Inc. Knowji is a fun application for learning vocabulary. Words that students make mistakes with are kept in memory and come up more often than words they succeed with. The app also brings back certain words when it’s been a while since they were practised. To calculate the time that should elapse before a word comes up again Learning vocabulary N/A Ensures long-term memory retention of everything you’ve learned N/A
Smart Sparrow Free features Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills, Sydney, NSW 2010, Australia. 2010 Commercial Post-secondary (18 years and over) Analytics 0 Smart Sparrow, Pty Ltd Smart Sparrow is a start-up of a research group at the School of Computer Science and Engineering (University of New South Wales, Sydney). This platform is used by various disciplines in American and Australian universities to foster adaptive learning (now developed by Pearson Education). Adaptive learning, Smart tutoring Adaptative learning N/A Personalized learning The price depends on the number of learners: up to 5 (free), up to 100 ($5 per learner), up to 500 ($12 per learner) and over 500 learners (negotiable).
Dragonbox Paid Oslo, Norvège 2012 Commercial Primary (6-11 years old) and Learners with special needs Analytics 0 dragonbox Applications to work on mathematics. The apps are for kids age 5 and up to practise algebra, numbers, big numbers, chess and geometry through math games. Interaction and feedback in the app. Serious game Learning mathematics N/A Personalized learning From C$5 to C$8 Lee, S. J., Liu, Y. E., & Popovic, Z. (2014, July). Learning individual behavior in an educational game: a data-driven approach. In Educational Data Mining 2014
Leeruniek Paid Oudezijds Achterburgwal 237, 1012 DL Amsterdam, Pays-Bas Commercial Primary (6-11 years old) and Teachers Analytics 0 Leeruniek Leeruniek enables personalised learning by providing insight in pupils' progress across subjects. The tool aggregates multiple data streams, e.g. test scores, educational games or daily exercises, and turns this data into actionable insights for educators. learning analytics Adaptive learning N/A Learning analytics to personalize learning, improving learning outcomes and motivation, saving teachers time N/A
The MIT Education Arcade Free 700 Technology Square, Suite 328, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA 2018 Academic - School General public Analytics 0 The MIT Scheller Teacher Education Program We work with educators to make sure our games tie into their math and science curricula. The games we develop can be played on computers or mobile devices and are used both inside and outside the classroom. Serious game Mathematics ans sciences N/A Engage learners to interact actively for longer periods of time, Maximize motivation N/A Groff, J. S. (2018). The potentials of game‐based environments for integrated, immersive learning data. European Journal of Education, 53(2), 188-201.