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Name URL Cost Address Year Created Type Audiences Technologies User count Creators Description Evolution Tech Description Uses Reasons Managers Strategies Pros Limitations Difficulties Publications
Fishtree Paid Arlington (USA) 2012 Commercial Teachers Analytics 500,000 "Terry Nealon et Jim Butler " Fishtree is a learning platform that adapts and personalizes learning environments for primary, high school and university education. It also lets teachers easily track learner progress through analytics. Adaptive learning. Content recommendation. N/A Automatic generation of resources, Automatic alignment of content to learning objectives, Personalized learning, Tracking of students' learning progress. Price: A teacher account costs $1.99/month and a class account costs $3.99 (200 students)
Achieve3000 Paid 331 Newman Springs Rd, Red Bank, NJ 07701, United States Commercial Preschool (0-5 years), Primary (6-11 years old), Secondary (12-17 years old) and Teachers Analytics 0 Achieve3000, Inc. Achieve300 is a literacy platform of solutions with the tools and content educators need for differentated online instruction. Teachers use the program with an entire class but the assignments are tailored to each student’s reading ability level. Progress reports and student usage data, provided by the online tool, enable teachers to track both whole-class and individual student progress. AI to automatically deliver content aligned with a student's skill level and learning pace. Learning to read and math N/A Accelerate learning, information in accordance with standards, Flexible program platform. Schools and districts can request prices through the Achieve3000 website. Homeschool: $132 to $177 per license depending on the program selected.
Acuitus Paid 1050 Enterprise Way #200, Sunnyvale, CA 94089, USA Commercial General public Analytics 1,000 Acuitus With Acuitus’s system, you can learn remotely, working with an exceptional personal (digital) tutor. Drawing on lessons learned over the past 50 years in education — cognitive psychology, social psychology, computer science, linguistics and artificial intelligence — Acuitus has createa a digital tutor that it claims can train experts in months rather than years. AI to create a digital tutor, adaptive learning Adaptive learning N/A Individualized learning, Creating IT experts in a short period of time N/A Fletcher, J. D., & Morrison, J. E. (2014). Accelerating development of expertise: A digital tutor for Navy technical training (D-5358). Alexandria, VA: Institute for Defense Analyses.
AdmitHub platform Paid 38 Chauncy St, Boston, MA 02111, USA 2014 Commercial Post-secondary (18 years and over) Natural language processing and Analytics 0 AdmitHub, Inc. The conversational AI in AdmitHub platform helps students by sending timely reminders and relevant information about enrollment tasks, collecting key survey data, and instantly answering frequently asked questions. A bot responds in less than 2 seconds when it’s confident in an answer. When the bot identifies a priority topic or doesn’t know the answer, questions are sent to the human team. As humans answer new questions, the Knowledge Base grows, making the bot smarter. Conversational AI that helps students by sending timely reminders and relevant information. N/A Adaptive learning, anlysis Price 10-15$/student Gregori, E. (2017). Evaluation of modern tools for an omscs advisor chatbot.
Smart Learning Partner Free The 4th and 5th Floor, Building 3, Beishahe West 3rd Road and Manjing Road Intersection, Beijing Normal University (Changping Campus, G Section), Changping District, Beijing 102206, China Academic - School Post-secondary (18 years and over) Analytics 0 Advanced Innovation Center for Future Education de Beijing Normal University et Tongzhou (district de Beijing) The Smart Learning Partner uses AI technologies to put students more in control of their own learning. The platform uses AI to match students and tutors according to student queries and tutor areas of expertise, together with the tutor’s availability and ratings given to them by other students whom they have already tutored. The student uses the app to search for a tutor, to ask what they want to know about any school topic, and they then receive twenty minutes of one-to-one online tuition (sharing audio and screens only). AI to match students and tutors, recognition of emotions. N/A Find the tutor best suited to the subject Chinese site Lu, Y., Chen, C., Chen, P., Chen, X., & Zhuang, Z. (2018, June). Smart learning partner: an interactive robot for education. In International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education (pp. 447-451). Springer, Cham.
Musio X Paid Ares Garden Omotesando 2F, 4-28-4 Jingumae, Shiguya-ku, Tokyo, Japan 2017 Commercial General public and Learners with special needs Natural language processing and Speech Recognition 0 AKA LLC Musio X is an artificially intelligent robot friend that can learn new phrases, ideas and information making possible the interaction and conversation with human beings. It was introduced as the next English education solution to Japan's consumers. Voice recognition to communicate with English learners English learning N/A Answer learners' questions, Increase enthusiasm for learning the language Musio X (JPY 98,000); Musio X + Educational material (128,000 JPY). JPY (Japanese Yen)
ALEKS Paid Irvine (USA) 1996 Commercial Primary (6-11 years old), Secondary (12-17 years old) and Post-secondary (18 years and over) Analytics 0 ALEKS Corporation, McGraw-Hill Education (Parent organization) ALEKS is an intelligent, web-based assessment and learning system. It uses adaptive questions to determine what a learner knows and doesn't know in a course. ALEKS then informs the learner about the topics they’re most ready to learn and periodically reassesses the learner to ensure that the topics learned are also retained. AI to map the details of each student's knowledge and to evaluate each learner individually and continuously. N/A Evaluates the learner's current knowledge in a course, Recommends topics the learner is ready to learn, Periodically reassesses and adapts to learners' knowledge ALEKS requires a subscription of $19.95 per month, $99.95 every six months, or $179.95 per year. Falmagne, J.C. , Doignon, J.P., Cosyn, E. et Thiéry, N. (2016).The Assessment of Knowledge, in Theory and in Practice. Dans Missaoui, R., Schmidt, J. (dir.), Formal Concept Analysis (p.70-87). Berlin, Allemagne: Springer.
Prodigy Free features 226 Wyecroft Rd, Oakville, ON L6K 3X7, Canada 2012 Commercial Primary (6-11 years old) Analytics 50,000,000 Alex Peters and Rohan Mahimker, Prodigy Education Prodigy Math Game is a curriculum-aligned, fantasy-based math game. As players compete in math duels against in-game characters, it borrows elements from role-playing games (RPGs) such as Pokemon. To win, they must answer sets of questions. Serious game, Adaptive learning and differentiated instruction principles to adjust content, reporting tools Mathematics N/A Engage learners to interact actively for longer periods of time, Maximize motivation The membership price starts at $4.99/month on a yearly plan
Alloprof Free Canada 1996 Academic - School Primary (6-11 years old), Secondary (12-17 years old), Teachers and Other education actors Analytics 0 Alloprof Alloprof engages Quebec students and their parents in educational success by offering them free professional and stimulating academic support. Tools that save students time and help them succeed with homework and lessons include videos, pedagogic sheets, texting, exam preparation tips and advice, and interactive exercises. Through the integration of an artificial intelligence of the type chatbot, the immersive game 'Spellers' allows players to improve their writing skills in English. AI to maintain a personalized relationship with learners, Immersive game to help students learn English as a second language. Helping students with homework and fostering learning N/A Helping students with homework , Fostering and gamifying learning, motivating students, Equipping parents. N/A Karsenti, T. (2015). Quel est le rôle d’Allô prof dans la persévérance et la réussite scolaires des élèves? Étude auprès de 6659 acteurs scolaires (élèves, enseignants, directions et parents). Rapport synthèse de recherche. Montréal, QC : CRIFPE. Tanguay, M. A. (2017). Stratégie numérique : Pour mieux engager l’élève et les acteurs de l’éducation. Alloprof. URL:
Altitude Learning Paid Information Redacted Due to Closure San Francisco, CA 94103-3816, USA 2013 Commercial Primary (6-11 years old), Secondary (12-17 years old), Teachers and Learners with special needs Analytics 0 AltSchool Altitude Learning is a software platform that delivers a personalized learning experience that fits each individual child. The system collects data from tablet based learning plans and associated data entry as well as cameras and microphones that are installed in classrooms to monitor progress of each student in much more detail than a teacher with a classroom full of students ever could. This data is accessible to parents and teachers to ensure student progress and to help each student advance along their educational journey. Machine learning to create individual learning paths N/A Personalized learning paths, Educators and learners play a vital role in co-creating learning experiences, Provide skills aligned comments Price
Alexa Paid 1100 Enterprise Way Sunnyvale, CA 94089, USA 2014 Commercial Post-secondary (18 years and over), Teachers and Learners with special needs Natural language processing and Speech Recognition 0 Amazon Lab126 With Alexa, students, educators, and parents can use their voice to interact with technology that deepens learning, provides access to critical information, and saves time. Students can track upcoming events on their calendar, get study resources, or make an appointment with a guidance counselor– all without having to open their computer. Teachers can use Alexa to prepare for upcoming lessons, while administrators can quickly access important information like enrollment statistics. Speech recognition N/A Quick access to information N/A Chung, H., Park, J., & Lee, S. (2017). Digital forensic approaches for Amazon Alexa ecosystem. Digital Investigation, 22, S15-S25.
Ambit's digital employee Free features Level 1/53 Fort Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, Nouvelle-Zélande Commercial Post-secondary (18 years and over) Natural language processing 0 Ambit The transition from high school to university can be daunting. Ambit's digital employee (virtual assistant) helps students make a speeder and happy transition, by providing immediate answers to questions like ‘where’s my classroom?’, ‘who is the teacher on x subject?’, ‘when do we break for the holidays?’, ‘where do I get my course material?’, ‘how do I change a class?’, the list goes on. Natural language processing technology and machine learning to deliver natural and realistic chat experiences. Provide immediate answers to student questions N/A Immediate answers to student questions Price
Amira Learning Paid San Francisco, CA 94104, US. 2018 Commercial Preschool (0-5 years), Primary (6-11 years old) and Learners with special needs Natural language processing, Speech Recognition and Analytics 0 Amira Learning Amira Learning is an intelligent reading assistant that listens, assesses & tutors. Amira recommends appropriately challenging stories, listens as a student reads aloud, and intervenes when helpful. Amira’s Dyslexia Screener identifies students at risk of Dyslexia and other disorders. AI to generate the right reading intervention at the right time, (voice recognition) to automate Oral Reading Fluency assessment N/A Accelerating reading mastery, giving teachers more time to teach, giving students a more effective way to practice, identifying students at risk of Dyslexia and other disorders, diagnostic reports that empower teachers and parents Amira Assessment costs about $5 per student per year. Dyslexia Screener costs about $2.50 per student, and interactive Amira Practice costs about $10 per user.
Hubert Paid Stationsgatan 23 753 40 Uppsala Sweden 2017 Commercial Secondary (12-17 years old), Post-secondary (18 years and over) and Teachers Natural language processing and Analytics 0 Anna & Hubert Labs AB Hubert is a chatbot designed to interact with students and collect feedback on a particular lesson or course. It relies on machine learning algorithms to automatically analyze and categorize data. This makes it easier for the teacher to understand the feedback and see what needs to be improved. Hubert is also used in Human Resources and Customer experience. Machine learning algorithms to analyze and classify data automatically. Chatbot designed to interact with students and collect feedback on a particular lesson or course. N/A Conduct surveys via chats, analyze and classify data. The price is 1, 3 and 6 euros for the basic, intermediate and advanced plans, respectively.
Apple Siri Paid USA 2011 Commercial General public, Secondary (12-17 years old), Post-secondary (18 years and over), Teachers and Learners with special needs Natural language processing and Speech Recognition 0 Apple Siri is a virtual assistant. For some students, typing can be a challenge. Siri, Apple’s built-in personal assistant, can help students do the things they do every day — just by asking. They can say “Remind me to turn in my history paper Friday” or “Text Mom I’m staying after school.” Siri can help students who struggle with organization by scheduling activities and setting reminders. And Siri is integrated with VoiceOver — an advanced screen reader — so blind and low-vision students can ask where the nearest music store is, and hear the answer read out loud. Speech recognition N/A Quick access to information N/A Kepuska, V., & Bohouta, G. (2018, January). Next-generation of virtual personal assistants (microsoft cortana, apple siri, amazon alexa and google home). In 2018 IEEE 8th Annual Computing and Communication Workshop and Conference (CCWC) (pp. 99-103). IEEE.
B12 par Apprentx Paid 2019 rue Moreau, Montreal, QC, Canada 2019 Commercial General public, Secondary (12-17 years old), Post-secondary (18 years and over) and Teachers Natural language processing, Expert systems and Analytics 12,000 Apprentx Équipe: Jean-Philippe Bradette - CEO Pierre-Alexandre Bradette - COO Julie Castonguay - CXO Louis Auger Gosselin - Directrice transformation de l'apprentissage Nadia Lépine - Directeur transformation de l'apprentissage Charles-Olivier Demers - Chef des TI et de la programmation Antoine Grandchamp - Développeur Full-Stack Senior Alex Nault - Développeur Full-Stack Senior B12 met à profit la science cognitive, l’intelligence artificielle et l’analytique avancée pour renforcer la mémorisation et développer les habiletés, tout en offrant aux superviseurs, équipes de formation et directions une visibilité sur le niveau de confiance et de performance des employés. Suivant un calendrier prédéterminé, B12 soumet des activités de renforcement par notification courriel (ou messages texte). L’idée est d’espacer et de répéter les activités dans le temps, et de les intégrer facilement dans l’horaire de travail. Bien que B12 ait été développé avec le secteur Commercial en tête, il a rapidement été utilisé dans le milieu scolaire pour l'aide à l'apprentissage. B12 a évolué très rapidement et offre un grand éventail de fonctionnalités permettant de créer des programmes de formation axés sur le transfert des connaissances, de les diffuser de manière agile à des groupes de participants, et de mesurer les apprentissages et les progrès dans le temps. Un algorithme de "Machine Learning" est utilisé pour personnaliser les parcours d'apprentissage de chaque apprenant. L'intelligence Artificielle permet de prédire le niveau de réussite d'un apprenant et ensuite de proposer les meilleures activités de formation pour améliorer sa performance. B12 permet de créer des parcours de formation axés sur le transfert des connaissances, ensuite de les diffuser aux apprenants, et ensuite mesurer leur performance selon une variété d'indicateurs. En éducation, B12 est utilisé par les intervenants entre autres pour le perfectionnement du français, l'étude en prévision d'examens, et pour des parcours en santé mentale pour les jeunes. Apprentx a développé B12 dans le soucis d'offrir un outil facile d'utilisation qui permet de faire des suivi post-formation efficaces, basés sur les sciences cognitives. Les gestionnaires de programme de formation, les enseignants dans les écoles, les conseillers technopédagogiques. Projets pilotes pour démontrer rapidement les avantages de l'utilisation de B12, accompagnement par l'équipe de concepteurs pédagogiques de Apprentx pour la conception, le déploiement et l'analyse des données. Avec nos clients et nos projets complétés et en cours, nous avons pu constater comment B12 permet de déployer des formations de façon agile, et ensuite recueillir des données précieuses sur une panoplie d'indicateurs-clés de performance. Car nous mesurons non seulement le taux de réussite aux exercices, mais aussi le niveau de confiance des apprenants pour tous les sujets-clés de la formation, ainsi que le taux de performance dans des activités pratiques. Nous mesurons ces données pour les différents sujets et nous les mesurons dans le temps, ce qui permet de déceller les besoins de formation sous-jacents aux groupes. Ainsi, des interventions ciblées sont possibles sur la base des données colligées dans B12. Par exemple, un faible niveau de confiance pour un sujet spécifique par rapport à un bon taux de réussite indique que des activités de coaching ou d'accompagnement sont peut-être nécessaire pour accompagner ces personnes. n/a n/a n/a
APPSCHO Paid 103 bd. de Magenta 75010 Paris, France 2018 Commercial Post-secondary (18 years and over) Analytics 0 appscho AppScho helps universities or their campuses create their mobile app. The teacher identifies the features they want in the application and the AppScho team builds the app based on these. The application is used to contact students, send notifications and publish content that everyone can access. Notifications are automatically generated when a change is made to the application. Helping teachers build their mobile app N/A Automatic receipt of essential information Cost
Area9 Rhapsode Paid 126 Woodland Road Chestnut Hill, MA 02467 2018 Commercial Post-secondary (18 years and over) Analytics 0 Area9 Lyceum ApS Area9 Rhapsode is an adaptive learning platform designed to deliver unique learning to each student based on their strengths and shortcomings. It also offers advanced analysis of student learning. Apprentissage adaptatif pour donner un apprentissage unique à chacun des étudiants. Adaptive learning to provide every student with unique learning. N/A Personalized learning, analysis of student learning. A license must be purchased.
Assistments Free Worcester, Massachusetts (USA) 2003 Academic - School Secondary (12-17 years old), Teachers and Learners with special needs Expert systems and Analytics 0 ASSISTments Assistments is a platform that helps teachers create homework, supports students with immediate feedback and advice, and provides teachers with student performance analyses, suggesting where to focus their teaching time. AI to identify concepts that should be gone over again by the teacher. Learning mathematics N/A Immediate feedback on homework, analysis of student performance. Free. Appropriation of the tool. Connection with Google Classroom or Canvas. Roschelle, J., Feng, M., Murphy, R. F., et Mason, C. A. (2016). Online mathematics homework increases student achievement. AERA Open, 2(4), 2332858416673968.
Bakpax Paid Milford, New Jersey, USA 08848. 2017 Commercial Teachers Visual recognition and Analytics 0 Bakpax, Inc. Bakpax is a platform that uses artificial intelligence to can read students’ handwriting and grade assignments. Teachers create assignments, students can complete assignments online or take a photo of their completed printed assignments, and Bakpax grades assignments instanly and provides valuable feedback. AI to read handwriting and grade assignments Reading students’ handwriting and grading assignments N/A Saving grading time, Better performance insights, Empowering students with instant feedback The cost is $ 12.99 per month for monthly billing or $ 8.99 per month for annual billing.
Mon Coach Bescherelle Free features Paris (France) 2018 Commercial General public and Post-secondary (18 years and over) Analytics 0 Bescherelle Mon Coach Bescherelle is a French-language training application for spelling and writing (using AI) that adapts to the learner’s level, with a personalized dashboard that lets the learner track their results and progress. Adaptive learning. Personalized training. Learning language (French) N/A Personalized training, Personalized dashboard so you can track your results and progress. After a trial session, the application is available as a subscription (from 1 to 12 months and from €9.99 to €4.99 per month).