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Name URL Cost Address Year Created Type Audiences Technologies User count Creators Description Evolution Tech Description Uses Reasons Managers Strategies Pros Limitations Difficulties Publications
Bingel Paid Uitgeverij VAN IN Nijverheidsstraat 92/5 2160 Wommelgem (BE) Commercial Primary (6-11 years old) and Teachers Analytics 0 Van in Platform offered in two versions: for teachers and for students. For teachers, the platform tells them which subjects are least understood by the students. Digital textbooks are available for students. System analyze concepts that are less understood N/A Personalized learning Only in Dutch De Castro, T. S. P. D. (2017). DIGITAL LITERACY SKILLS AND PRACTICES IN THE EARLY YEARS.
Blippar Paid 1st floor, 40 Bermondsey St, Bermondsey, London SE1 3UD, Royaume-Uni 2011 Commercial Secondary (12-17 years old) Analytics 50,000 BLIPPAR Platform specializing in augmented reality that brings interactive material to school subjects. For example, instead of reading about volcanic eruptions, the system shows students a 3D model of the eruption process. Achieve beautiful results in 3D models Science N/A Motivation, fun learning $150/month for 1 user and 500 views; $1,500/month for 3 users and 5,000 views
Brainquake Paid 331 Poe St. Ste. 4, Palo Alto, California, 94301, United States 2013 Commercial General public Analytics 0 BrainQuake Inc. The platform offers thousands of creative math solving puzzles that develop problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills, number sense, algebraic thinking and proportional reasoning, among many other math competencies. Serious game, Adaptive learning and differentiated instruction principles to adjust content, reporting tools Mathematics learning N/A Engage learners to interact actively for longer periods of time, Maximize motivation 7,99$/month Cully, K., Atienza, S., Burke, R., et Matlen, B. (2018). BrainQuake Game-Based Learning and Assessment Applications with Direct Representation of Mathematics.
BrightBytes Paid San Francisco (USA) 2012 Commercial Primary (6-11 years old) and Secondary (12-17 years old) Analytics 25,000 Hisham Anwar et Rob Mancabelli BrightBytes is a platform for K-12 analytics solutions to improve student outcomes and achieve school and district objectives. It integrates school's data, builds predictive analytics and machine learning models and dashboards to visualize the data. Predictive analytics and machine learning models for schools. N/A Managing data analytics infrastructure, Customizing data dashboards and reporting, Personalize data alerts. N/A
CampusNexus Engage Paid 5201 Congress Ave. Boca Raton FL 33487, USA Commercial Post-secondary (18 years and over) Analytics 0 Campus Management Corp. CampusNexus Engage combines Campus Management’s deep CRM (customer relationship management) solutions expertise with Microsoft’s application and cloud infrastructure to deliver a system of intelligence for higher education. Built using Microsoft Dynamics, Azure, and Power BI, the solution integrates higher education workflow processes and best practices with the latest innovations in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and business analytics to improve engagement and drive student and institutional success. Artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve engagement and drive student and institutional success N/A Institutions acquire an overview of the student life cycle, Dynamically respond to each student's unique experience and needs. N/A
MATHia Paid 501 Grant Street, Union Trust Building, Suite 1075, Pittsburgh, PA 15219, USA Commercial Primary (6-11 years old) and Teachers Natural language processing and Analytics 0 Carnegie Learning, Inc. MATHia is smarter math learning software that uses artificial intelligence and cognitive science to mirror a human tutor better than any other software. It provides a simple-to-use, truly 1:1 personalized learning experience for every student, supporting students who are struggling while challenging those who are ready for more, all at the same time. Conversational agent, data analysis, predictive analysis, Livelab Mathematics learning N/A Motivation, teacher's assistant, monitoring and understanding of progress, allows better management of learning, Les licences sont achetées par étudiant par période de 12 mois
MATHiaU Paid 501 Grant Street, Union Trust Building, Suite 1075, Pittsburgh, PA 15219, USA Commercial Post-secondary (18 years and over) and Teachers Natural language processing and Analytics 0 Carnegie Learning, Inc. MATHiaU is an intelligent tutoring system that provides a personalized experience with customized feedback and deep insight into where students currently are and where they are headed. Adaptive learning, Adaptive Personalized Learning to give instructors a clear projection of where students are heading in their progress to mastery, A live facilitation tool that provides in-the-moment, actionable data. Mathematics learning N/A Personalized learning, Insight into students learning progress, Providing instructors with in-the-moment, actionable data. N/A
Jill Watson Free Atlanta (USA) 2015 Academic - School Post-secondary (18 years and over) and Teachers Natural language processing 0 Ashok Goel (Georgia Tech, College of Computing) Jill Watson is an AI teaching assistant that answers student questions in the online Knowledge-Based Artificial Intelligence course 24 hours a day. Semantic processing, Automatically answers a range of common, frequently asked questions, Automatically responds to student presentations. Knowledge-Based Artificial Intelligence online course N/A Immediately answers questions from students, Motivates and engages students, Posts announcements, Lets the teacher concentrate on important tasks. May give incorrect answers to infrequent questions. Benedetto, L., Cremonesi, P., & Parenti, M. (2019). A virtual teaching assistant for personalized learning. arXiv preprint arXiv:1902.09289.
Century Paid 2 Printers Yard, London SW19 1RD, Royaume-Uni. Commercial Primary (6-11 years old), Secondary (12-17 years old) and Post-secondary (18 years and over) Analytics 0 Century-Tech Limited CENTURY is an intelligent intervention tool that combines learning science, artificial intelligence and neuroscience to identify gaps in knowledge, address misconceptions, personalise content, questions and pathways for every learner, and support teacher interventions. Machine learning and data science for improve and personalize learning. Teaching and learning platform N/A Identify knowledge gaps. respond to misconceptions. personalize the content, questions and paths for each learner. support teachers' interventions. Subscription: from £ 1,200 per year
Cerego Paid 433 California Street Suite 1030, San Francisco, CA 94104 United States. 2000 Commercial Teachers Analytics 0 Cerego, Inc. Cerego is an adaptive learning technology platform based on principles of neuroscience and cognitive science. Adaptive learning is customized to an individual's learning journey. Timeline reviews and data insights help instructors and learners identify where they're at and areas of improvement. Adaptive learning N/A Adaptive learning, analysis After 30 day trial, $ 10 / month / person Harlow, I. M., Mumma, P. T., & Lewis, A. S. (2016). Translating Learning Science into Learning Strategy. Cerego White Paper.
Dytective Free Carrer del Dr. Trueta, 183, 08005 Barcelona, Espagne Academic - School Preschool (0-5 years), Primary (6-11 years old) and Learners with special needs Analytics 270,000 Change Dyslexia Dytective is a tool that can detect dyslexia in about 15 minutes. It also provides exercises in the form of games for dyslexic learners to help them overcome their writing and reading challenges. The app includes a mix of online testing and applications for associated predictive machine learning. Machine learning models to predict reading and writing difficulties by watching how people interact with a linguistic web-based game. Detecting dyslexia and helping dyslexic learners overcome their challenges N/A Detects dyslexia, Helps learners overcome their writing and reading challenges. N/A Rello, L., Ballesteros, M., Ali, A., Serra, M., Alarcón, D., & Bigham, J. P. (2016). Dytective: Diagnosing risk of dyslexia with a game. Proc. Pervasive Health, 16.
Choosito! Free features University City Science Center, 3401 Market St., Philadelphia,PA 19104, USA Commercial Primary (6-11 years old), Secondary (12-17 years old) and Post-secondary (18 years and over) Natural language processing and Analytics 0 Choosito! Inc. Choosito is a smart search engine that safely searches the web for resources based on your students' reading level! Machine learning, language processing smart search engine N/A Custom search Limited free version, premium $ 50 / class Kynigou, P., et Sarantes, H. (2016). Setting the Stage for i2Flex: The View from the Elementary School. Dans Revolutionizing K-12 Blended Learning through the i²Flex Classroom Model (pp. 190-207). IGI Global.
Civitas Learning Paid Austin (USA) 2011 Commercial Post-secondary (18 years and over) Analytics 8,000,000 Charles Thornburgh, Laura Malcolm et Mark Milliron Civitas Learning’s student success intelligence platform helps colleges and universities harness the power of their student data to improve outcomes. Adaptive learning N/A Automated identification of actionable knowledge points, custom predictive models. N/A Milliron, M., Kil, D., Malcolm, L., & Gee, G. (2017). From innovation to impact: How higher education can evaluate innovation's impact and more precisely scale student support. Planning for Higher Education, 45(4), 125-136.
Class Charts Paid 10 West Street, Fishguard Pembrokeshire, SA65 9AE, USA 2013 Commercial Teachers and Learners with special needs Analytics 180,000 Edukey Education Ltd Class Charts is seating planner and behaviour management software that teachers use for seating charts & to track both positive and negative behaviour. The data is displayed in clear charts, which can be shared with both teachers and parents. AI engine to provide behavior analytics, AI to intelligently suggest seating plan arrangements Seating planner and behaviour management software N/A Behavior analytics, Suggesting seating plan arrangements, optimising learning and reducing behaviour issues. 300$ per year for 1 to 100 students, Price increases depending on the number of students.
RoboTutor Free CMU-RI-NSH 3113, 5000 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15213, USA 2015 Academic - School Primary (6-11 years old) and Learners with special needs Natural language processing, Visual recognition and Speech Recognition 0 Carnegie Mellon University RoboTutor is an open-source Android tablet app that enables children ages 7-10 with little or no access to schools to learn basic reading, writing, and arithmetic without adult assistance. Each RoboTutor session consists of a series of activities selected by the child from a few reading, comprehension, or numeracy activities at his or her current level, with a sequence of items for the child to perform. RoboTutor adapts to each child by assessing performance automatically, providing individualized help and feedback, adjusting its estimate of his or her level, and proceeding accordingly. It was one of five $1M Finalists in the $15M Global Learning XPRIZE competition. Speech and handwriting recognition, Automated question generation, Educational data mining. learning reading, writing and basic arithmetic without the help of an adult. N/A Practicing with scaffolding and feedback, Eliciting active processing, Adapting to individual student, Open source. N/A Saxena, M., Pillai, R. K., & Mostow, J. (2018, April). Relating Children’s Automatically Detected Facial Expressions to Their Behavior in RoboTutor. In Thirty-Second AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence.
Cognii Virtual Learning Assistant Paid 169 11th St Ofc 12. San Francisco, CA, 94103-2533. 2016 Commercial Primary (6-11 years old), Secondary (12-17 years old) and Post-secondary (18 years and over) Natural language processing and Analytics 0 Cognii, Inc. Cognii Virtual Learning Assistant engages a student in a chatbot-like learning conversation by asking them to build a response, giving them an instantaneous formative assessment, guiding them with personalized tips and advice towards conceptual mastery. AI to ask questions, Natural language processing to evaluate responses, Deep natural language processing for long answers, Adaptive learning for personalized advice and tips, Data mining and machine learning to ensure that scoring and comments become more accurate over time. Evaluating essay-type answers for online learning platforms N/A Respond in your own words, Receive an immediate evaluation and personalized advice and tips, Reduce the evaluation load, A deeper understanding of student learning, Improves learner engagement, retention and outcomes. A license must be purchased. SARNI, B. (2018) Artificial intelligence in classroom and educational institutions. IJARSE.
ConnecPath App Free features 690 Saratoga Ave, Ste 100, San Jose, CA, 95129, USA 2017 Commercial Secondary (12-17 years old) and Post-secondary (18 years and over) Natural language processing and Analytics 0 ConnecPath Inc. ConnecPath App, a Q&A platform, has two major features: Chatbot and Forum. Chatbot, powered by AI, can have a conversation via text messaging with high schoolers like a human. It can answer common college application related questions. If the bot doesn't know the answer, it transfers the questions to Forum where school counselors and friends in the same school can answer to them. Chatbot, powered by AI, to answer students questions, transfer unkown questions to the forum. Machine learning to train the chatbot on new topics. Answering common college application related questions N/A Students get information right away, Answers from a human being when the chatbot doesn't know the answer. N/A
Desire2Learn Paid USA 2012 Commercial Post-secondary (18 years and over) Analytics 0 D2L Corporation Platform for creating an online class, to supplement an in-person class. Users can create online quizzes, online content, etc. Teacher receives feedback on the progress of the whole class and each student. Data analysis N/A Makes it easy to monitor students and personalize learning N/A Rucker, R. D., et Frass, L. R. (2017). Migrating learning management systems in higher education: faculty members’ perceptions of system usage and training when transitioning from blackboard vista to desire2learn. Journal of Educational Technology Systems, 46(2), 259-277.
Docebo Learn (LMS) Paid Via Toledo 156, Naples, Italie 2005 Commercial Other education actors Analytics 6,000,000 Docebo S.p.A Docebo Learn is a learning management system that uses AI algorithms to produce effective, in-depth learning experiences by creating personalized learning paths for each learner. Adaptive learning to create personalized learning paths for each learner. Learning management system N/A Personalized learning, Course progress reports. A license must be purchased.
Dreambox Paid Bellevue (USA) 2006 Commercial Preschool (0-5 years) and Primary (6-11 years old) Analytics 3,000,000 Dreambox Learning Dreambox is an online math program that supplements basic education in the classroom or at home. It dynamically adapts to the learner, delivering personalized instruction. AI engine to provide behaviour analytics, Learning mathematics N/A Personalized teaching, Teacher support with educational data analysis Home license: $12.95 /month per learner. School license: $20 / year per learner Lenard, M. A., & Rhea, A. (2018). Adaptive Math and Student Achievement: Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial of DreamBox Learning. Manuskript, Harvard Graduate School of Education, Cambridge, MA.
EasyBib Plus Paid 10 E. 39st. Street, New York, New York 10016 US Commercial Post-secondary (18 years and over) and Learners with special needs Visual recognition and Analytics 0 Imagine Easy Solutions, LLC EasyBib is a tool that checks for grammar errors and plagiarism. WriteLab, an online platform that gives immediate feedback on writing, is now part of EasyBib. AI to give better feedback on your writing so you can keep learning and improving Grammar and plagiarism checker N/A Immediate feedback on writing, Checks for plagiarism, Generates quotes. Price: $9.95 per month after a 3-day trial