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Name URL Cost Address Year Created Type Audiences Technologies User count Creators Description Evolution Tech Description Uses Reasons Managers Strategies Pros Limitations Difficulties Publications
Jules Free BP 60200 86980 Futuroscope Chasseneuil Cedex France 2019 Academic - School Secondary (12-17 years old) and Learners with special needs Natural language processing and Analytics 0 CNED (à la demande du ministère de l'éducation nationale et de la jeunesse) Jules is an intelligent chatbot for French students that answers their questions while they’re doing their homework. Chatbot, Suggests personalized content. Help with homework N/A Homework help for students. Quick, concise responses. Suggests personalized content. Free. N/A
Domoscio Paid 20 Rue du Commandant René Mouchotte 75014 Paris, France. 2013 Commercial Primary (6-11 years old), Secondary (12-17 years old), Post-secondary (18 years and over), Teachers and Other education actors Analytics 0 Domoscio Domoscio connects cognitive science, big data and AI to create adaptive learning solutions. It optimizes assimilation and consolidation to improve learning impacts. Domoscio solutions offer learners quizzes, content and activities tailored to their needs and profile. Domoscio's adaptive anchoring algorithm offers custom evaluations and review plans. Domoscio solutions analyze data to generate intuitive dashboards with indicators and analysis tools. Adaptive learning system Adaptive learning N/A Personalized learning, motivation, optimized memorization, understanding of progress, student monitoring, better learning management N/A
Dragonbox Paid Oslo, Norvège 2012 Commercial Primary (6-11 years old) and Learners with special needs Analytics 0 dragonbox Applications to work on mathematics. The apps are for kids age 5 and up to practise algebra, numbers, big numbers, chess and geometry through math games. Interaction and feedback in the app. Serious game Learning mathematics N/A Personalized learning From C$5 to C$8 Lee, S. J., Liu, Y. E., & Popovic, Z. (2014, July). Learning individual behavior in an educational game: a data-driven approach. In Educational Data Mining 2014
Dave Paid Boston et Montréal Commercial Post-secondary (18 years and over) Natural language processing and Analytics 0 Dynamicly Teaching assistant, chatbot that guides users during online lessons, making them appealing and interactive. With a simple statement, the virtual assistant immediately serves up what users are looking for. It also gives a reminder when there is a project to hand in or a lesson to follow. Chatbot, processing of user requests, offers insight into how users access content N/A Makes online courses interesting, Personalized information on demand, Offers insight into how users access content Service must be purchased
Edlive Paid 6274 Christophe Colomb, suite F, H2S 2G7, Montréal, Canada. Commercial Secondary (12-17 years old), Post-secondary (18 years and over) and Teachers Analytics 450,000 EdLive EdLive supports schools, universities and businesses in the creation, deployment and continuous improvement of their online courses. Thanks to artificial intelligence, teachers personalize their educational content according to the difficulties of each student without additional efforts. EdLive allows students to be independent in their exam revisions by offering them interactive quizzes, revision guides and periods of questions. Predictive algorithm to provide personalized learning. Learning platform N/A Personalized learning, Interactive quizzes, Revision Guides, Periods of questions. Paid
The MIT Education Arcade Free 700 Technology Square, Suite 328, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA 2018 Academic - School General public Analytics 0 The MIT Scheller Teacher Education Program We work with educators to make sure our games tie into their math and science curricula. The games we develop can be played on computers or mobile devices and are used both inside and outside the classroom. Serious game Mathematics ans sciences N/A Engage learners to interact actively for longer periods of time, Maximize motivation N/A Groff, J. S. (2018). The potentials of game‐based environments for integrated, immersive learning data. European Journal of Education, 53(2), 188-201.
Firecracker Paid 41 Winter Pl, Boston, MA 02108, États-Unis Commercial Post-secondary (18 years and over) Analytics 0 Lippincott (Parent organization : Wolters Kluwer) Firecracker is an adaptive learning platform that puts together content and resources written by experts coupled with spaced repetition to help medical students crush their exams. Adaptive learning algorithm to deliver a personalized learning experience Medicine N/A Personalized learning experience; Resources to help medical students preparee for exams The price depends on the plan chosen ($ 74/2 months to $ 374/48 months)
Babbel Paid Berlin (Allemagne) 2007 Commercial General public Speech Recognition and Analytics 1,000,000 Markus Witte et Thomas Holl Babbel is a subscription-based language learning app and e-learning platform, which currently offers 14 different languages. Voice recognition to practice pronunciation, personalized recommendations. Learning language N/A Interactive lessons, Language for any situation (travel, work, etc.), Speech recognition to practice pronunciation Requires a subscription of $15.99 / month / language. Nushi, M., & Eqbali, M. H. Babbel: A Mobile Language Learning App. TESL Reporter, 51(1), 109-121.
Duolingo Free features Pittsburgh (Etats-Unis) 2012 Commercial General public Natural language processing, Speech Recognition and Analytics 500,000,000 Duolingo Duolingo is an American platform that includes a language-learning website and mobile app, as well as a digital language-proficiency assessment exam. Language learning N/A Adaptive learning N/A Settles, B., T. LaFlair, G., & Hagiwara, M. (2020). Machine Learning–Driven Language Assessment. Transactions of the Association for Computational Linguistics, 8, 247‑263.
Snatchbot Free 7 Derech Menahem Begin, Ramat Gan, Israel 8 Abba Eban Blvd, Herzliya Pituach, Israel 2015 Commercial Teachers Natural language processing and Analytics 0 Snatch Group Limited With the SnatchBot chatbot creation platform, chatbots can be deployed on all channels with a single click; chatbots can be where students are, eliminating the need for multiple messaging accounts or online portals. Students can just text a chatbot on their preferred platform (Skype, Viber, Facebook Messenger, etc.) and receive a response within seconds. Machine learning and AI to determine the context of a conversation and respond in a personal, engaging and relaxed manner. Chatbot creation platform N/A Answer questions from students, Help students understand difficult concepts, Send teacher evaluations and streamline the data analysis process, Always available, can be deployed across any number of channels, free N/A Inamdar, V. A., & Shivanand, R. D. (2019). DEVELOPMENT OF COLLEGE ENQUIRY CHATBOT USING SNATCHBOT. DEVELOPMENT, 6(07).
Navigator Free 350 Twin Dolphin Dr, Suite 115, Redwood City, CA 94065, USA Academic - School Post-secondary (18 years and over) and Teachers Analytics 0 Gooru Learning With Navigator, learners experience a GPS-like journey for learning, instructors monitor their learners and engage them with classroom practices, administrators track performance and scale success, and content providers develop a greater audience. Navigator uses AI techniques to individualize the learning experience and make individual learning at scale possible by understanding each learner through computing their preferences, context, and performance. Adaptive learning, Real-time Feedback N/A Adaptive learning, Real-time Feedback N/A Songer, N. B., Newstadt, M. R., Lucchesi, K., & Ram, P. (2020). Navigated learning: An approach for differentiated classroom instruction built on learning science and data science foundations. Human Behavior and Emerging Technologies, 2(1), 93-105.
Happy Numbers Paid 2345 Yale Street., First Floor, Palo Alto, CA 94306, USA Commercial Primary (6-11 years old), Secondary (12-17 years old) and Teachers Analytics 0 Happy Numbers Inc. Happy Numbers is an AI-based platform that offers students one-on-one tutoring and guidance in math. It features math exercises and analyzes students’ performance, after which it sends feedback to teachers. Mathematics learning N/A Students progress at their own pace, Provide immediate feedback based on the student's response, Teachers gain actionable insight into student performance. Price: $ 14.5 / student / year
Thinkster Math Paid South Brunswick (USA) 2014 Commercial Primary (6-11 years old) and Secondary (12-17 years old) Natural language processing and Analytics 0 Prazas Learning Inc Thinkster is a math learning program that combines curriculum with the personalization of real, experienced teachers and AI. Thinkster uses AI to identify student mistakes and weaknesses and to provide personalized assistance. AI that identifies the student's errors and weaknesses, Personalized assistance. Learning mathematics N/A Personalized tutoring service. Tutoring sessions with a real teacher every week. Learning analyses for parents and teachers. $100 to $150 per month.
Hubert Paid Stationsgatan 23 753 40 Uppsala Sweden 2017 Commercial Secondary (12-17 years old), Post-secondary (18 years and over) and Teachers Natural language processing and Analytics 0 Anna & Hubert Labs AB Hubert is a chatbot designed to interact with students and collect feedback on a particular lesson or course. It relies on machine learning algorithms to automatically analyze and categorize data. This makes it easier for the teacher to understand the feedback and see what needs to be improved. Hubert is also used in Human Resources and Customer experience. Machine learning algorithms to analyze and classify data automatically. Chatbot designed to interact with students and collect feedback on a particular lesson or course. N/A Conduct surveys via chats, analyze and classify data. The price is 1, 3 and 6 euros for the basic, intermediate and advanced plans, respectively.
EER-Tutor Free Christchurch, New Zealand Academic - School Post-secondary (18 years and over) Natural language processing and Analytics 0 Intelligent Computer Tutoring Group, University of Canterbury EER-Tutor is a constraint-based tutor that teaches conceptual database design using the Entity Relationship model. Students are provided a problem solving environment to design a data model for a real world scenario. Adaptive tutorial dialogues facilitate discussion of mistakes in a student solution. Natural language processing, Machine learning to discover commonly occurring learning behaviours, Adaptive tutorial dialogues. Teaching conceptual database design using the Entity Relationship model N/A Adaptive tutorial dialogues, higher learning rate N/A
Martha Free 801 22nd Street, NW B101, Washington, DC 20052, USA Academic - School Post-secondary (18 years and over) and Teachers Natural language processing and Analytics 0 George Washington University Martha is a virtual agent used by students at The George Washington University to search knowledge, create service requests and check the status of your outstanding requests, anytime you want, through an intuitive conversational interface. AI to learn from and process students requests. N/A Access the information you need, anytime. Reduce the burden of service center agents. N/A
Its Learning Paid Bergen, Norway 1999 Commercial Teachers Analytics 0 itslearning Platform that provides all the necessary resources for teachers to teach online. Offers teachers resources based on their situation. N/A Selects resources that reflect the teacher's profile. N/A
Ivy Paid 3200 Carbon Place, Suite 103 Boulder, CO 80301, USA 2016 Commercial Post-secondary (18 years and over) Natural language processing and Analytics 0, Inc Ivy is an artificially intelligent self-service chatbot for colleges and universities. It answers students questions about admissions, financial services, career services, and student services. It can also help users access IT services, such as email, wifi, and app installation. Answer student questions N/A Adaptive learning Price
Jenyai Paid 169 11th St, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA 2018 Commercial Primary (6-11 years old), Secondary (12-17 years old) and Learners with special needs Natural language processing and Analytics 0 Snipfeed Inc. Jenyai is an intelligent and personalized private tutor. Driven by AI, it is students' assistant and friend. Jenyai answers their questions and provide them with the right personalized content at the right moment (videos, cards, exercises...). AI tutor to answer students questions, to provide them with the right personalized content at the right moment. Answering pupils questions N/A Personalized content, Immediate answers to student questions Subscription fee: $ 9.97 per month
Jigsaw Interactive Paid 5815 Windward Parkway, Suite 302, Alpharetta, GA 30005, USA Commercial Primary (6-11 years old), Secondary (12-17 years old), Post-secondary (18 years and over) and Teachers Analytics 0 Jigsaw Interactive Jigsaw Interactive’s immersive virtual engagement platform provides tools that enable institutions to include virtual learning as part of their course curriculum. Virtual classrooms offer teachers and students an environment focused on individualized learning and participation. Students have the opportunity to determine the information most important to them and instructors can track students’ understanding. AI-powered activity tools enable simultaneous student engagement and provide real-time performance monitoring. Immersive virtual engagement platform N/A Individualized learning, Students determine what information is most important to them, Instructors can monitor student comprehension. N/A Weidman, R., & Bishop, M. J. (2009). Using the jigsaw model to facilitate cooperative learning in an online course. Quarterly Review of Distance Education, 10(1).
Kaligo DYS Paid France 2020 Commercial Preschool (0-5 years), Primary (6-11 years old) and Learners with special needs Analytics 0 Learn&Go, INSA-IRISA, Université de Rennes 2, LP3C et UR1-IRISA The Kaligo DYS project offers an application to learn writing (especially graphomotor skills) for children with dysgraphia. Real-time analysis of writing quality to show students their mistakes and personalize exercises to their level Learning to write N/A Supplements traditional learning methods with exercises on a tablet, with and without a stylus. Offers differentiated learning paths and remediation based on an automatic analysis of students' writing. N/A