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Name URL Cost Address Year Created Type Audiences Technologies User count Creators Description Evolution Tech Description Uses Reasons Managers Strategies Pros Limitations Difficulties Publications
Tubestudy Free USA Commercial General public Analytics 100,000 CuSeJu Application that presents YouTube online courses on all kinds of subjects (programming, languages, sports, etc.). Categorizes videos by user profile Application that presents Youtube online courses N/A Personalized learning N/A
Alphago Teach Free USA Commercial General public Planning 0 DeepMind Technologies Limited (acquired by Google) Google’s DeepMind subsidiary released a tool that’s designed to help people learn to play Go like its superhuman AlphaGo program. It’s an interactive tool, so users can see how the program reacts to different lines of play, as well as what it sees as its odds of a player winning using the black stones. Users can view the line that AlphaGo would take playing itself, as well as the most popular moves that human players made in the same situation. creating a superhuman system that can then go on to teach humans how it thinks Helping people learn to play Go N/A To help Go players better understand the behavior of AlphaGo N/A
Teledipity Free Mexico City (Mexique) Commercial General public Analytics 82,000 Teledipity SAPI de CV Teledipity is a virtual AI tool that understands your personality, asks you about your personal and professional goals, and helps you establish specific objectives every month (and year), connecting you with the educational content you need (books, e-courses, audiobooks, podcasts, videos) to meet them. AI to provide book and course recommendations based on your personal goals. Virtual AI tool that helps people achieve their personal and professional goals N/A Character Analysis Report, Book, articles and course recommendations based on your personal goals N/A
Typing Bolt Free Ernakulam (Inde) Commercial General public Analytics 0 Typing Bolt Typing Bolt is an online typing tutor that helps you learn touch typing. Bolt AI is an Artifical Intelligent engine which studies typing patterns and tracks user levels using multiple unique algorithms. Using this engine typing bolt could provide a customized typing course for each user ( Optimized words for each user) automatically adjusting difficulty Levels. AI algorithms to study typing patterns and tracks user levels, to provide optimized typing words for each user, to automatically adjust difficulty levels Learning typing N/A Optimized words for each user, Adjust the difficulty levels, Real-time analysis reports N/A
Duolingo Free features Pittsburgh (Etats-Unis) 2012 Commercial General public Natural language processing, Speech Recognition and Analytics 500,000,000 Duolingo Duolingo is an American platform that includes a language-learning website and mobile app, as well as a digital language-proficiency assessment exam. Language learning N/A Adaptive learning N/A Settles, B., T. LaFlair, G., & Hagiwara, M. (2020). Machine Learning–Driven Language Assessment. Transactions of the Association for Computational Linguistics, 8, 247‑263.
Coursera Free features Mountain view (USA) 2012 Commercial Post-secondary (18 years and over) Analytics 47,000,000 Stanford professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller Coursera is an online learning platform that partners with universities and other organizations to offer online courses, specializations, and degrees in a variety of subjects. Recommend courses. Inform the teacher as soon as that a large number of learners give a wrong answer to a question or a Duty. S.O. Online learning, Many partner universities, open courses S.O. Shafiq, H., Wani, Z. A., Mahajan, I. M., & Qadri, U. (2017). Courses beyond borders: A case study of MOOC platform Coursera. Library Philosophy and Practice, 1-15.
Byju’s Free features Bengaluru (India) 2015 Commercial Preschool (0-5 years), Primary (6-11 years old) and Secondary (12-17 years old) Analytics 42,000,000 Byju Raveendran Byju's is a learning app that offers video lessons and personalized learning journeys mapped to the student's grade & syllabus. Adaptive learning Science and mathematics learning N/A Personalized learning journeys, Adaptive questions as per the relevant syllabus, Adaptive & interactive tests. The amount of the fees depends on the course or test. Sruthi, P., & Mukherjee, S. Byju’s The Learning App: An Investigative Study On The Transformation From Traditional Learning To Technology Based Personalized Learning.
Mon Coach Bescherelle Free features Paris (France) 2018 Commercial General public and Post-secondary (18 years and over) Analytics 0 Bescherelle Mon Coach Bescherelle is a French-language training application for spelling and writing (using AI) that adapts to the learner’s level, with a personalized dashboard that lets the learner track their results and progress. Adaptive learning. Personalized training. Learning language (French) N/A Personalized training, Personalized dashboard so you can track your results and progress. After a trial session, the application is available as a subscription (from 1 to 12 months and from €9.99 to €4.99 per month).
Aida Calculus Free features London (UK) 2019 Commercial Post-secondary (18 years and over) Analytics 0 Pearson Aida Calculus is an AI-powered mobile tutoring application designed to help learners tackle calculus (mathematical discipline). It analyzes and provides feedback on typed or handwritten work. Over time, Aida learns which approaches work best for each learner. Deep learning. Reinforcement learning. Real-time feedback. Personalized recommendations. Learning mathematics N/A Helps students tackle calculus, Gives learners personalized suggestions for practical problems. Available for download on iOS 13 and in a subscription model
SmartBook Free features Irvine (USA) 2013 Commercial Post-secondary (18 years and over) and Teachers Analytics 0 McGraw Hill SmartBook is an adaptive learning and reading tool that tailors the course manual to the unique needs of each student. It lets teachers monitor their students’ learning progress. Adaptive learning to personalize the course manual. N/A SmartBook actively adapts the course manual to a student's individual needs. Teachers can monitor the learning progress of students. Available for computer, mobile and tablet A license key is needed to access all the book’s chapters.
Embibe Free features Ist floor, Plot No 36, SJR Junction,100 Feet Road, Sony World Signal, Koramangala, Bangalore / Bengaluru Karnataka , 560095, India 2012 Commercial Secondary (12-17 years old) and Post-secondary (18 years and over) Analytics 0 Indiavidual Learning Pvt Ltd Embibe is an AI platform that provides educational services, with personalized feedback to students. It has a large data set of questions for students to practice and offers learning materials, adaptive practice, and academic videos to help students prepare for various exams. Machine learning for improved results, Adaptive practice, Personalized feedback. Helping students achieve higher test scores (in India) N/A Personalized learning, Personalized search engine, Adaptive practice for various exams. Some features are free, others are not
Top Hat Free features 151 Bloor Street West, Suite 200, Toronto, Ontario M5S 1S4, Canada 2009 Commercial Post-secondary (18 years and over) and Teachers Analytics 0 Top Hat Top Hat is an active learning platform that helps educators deliver interactive course content and assessments remotely, ensuring students stay engaged in learning. It allows instructors to customize textbooks that feature interactice content, administer tests and quizzes, analyze student performance, and create auto-graded homework. Artificial intelligence to supervise student activity and report student irregular behavior. Smart learning platform N/A Analysis of student performance, Self-assessed homework Free for instructors, but a student pays $ 4 / month. Preville, P. (2017). The active learning handbook: Engagement techniques that work.
Nerdify Free features 995 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94103, États-Unis Commercial Post-secondary (18 years and over) Natural language processing and Analytics 0 Nerdify With the Nerdify platform, students send a text message with the task or homework they need help with, and an AI system finds the best tutor for the task and a remote appointment is made. With the Nerdify platform, students send a text message with the task or homework they need help with, and an AI system finds the best tutor for the task and a remote appointment is made. On-demand student help for any type of educational request via text messaging. N/A Help with homework or tasks. Payment depends on how long it takes to solve the mission
NEO LMS Free features 4 Embarcadero Center, Suite 1400, San Francisco, CA 94111 Commercial Primary (6-11 years old), Secondary (12-17 years old) and Post-secondary (18 years and over) Analytics 0 Cypher Learning With the NEO learning management system, schools and universities can create and manage learning activities, assess learners and monitor their achievements. The platform's adaptive learning can personalize the content learners see in classes and paths based on their progress. Adaptive learning to personalize content Learning management system N/A Personalized learning, Monitor learners' progress, Quiz management, Learning analysis reports The free version has limited functions.
Declara Free features 977 Commercial Street Palo Alto, CA 94303, USA Commercial General public Analytics 0 Declara Inc. With Declara, personalized access to content, communities, and people are unified in one, intelligent knowledge and collaboration platform that helps learners reach their professional goals faster. Declara's CognitiveGraph engine uses semantic analysis and predictive analytics to generate your Learning Profile and power your personalized learning feed. Machine learning algorithms understand what you like and feed you the articles, collections, and insights that fit your interests. Learners collaborate and converse right from the content that spark the ideas. Machine learning to create a personalized learning path. Intelligent social learning platform that connects people to content. N/A Personalized learning paths, Content recommendations, Persistent chat window for real-time conversations. The free plan has limited functionality
No Red Ink Free features 118 2nd Street 3rd Floor San Francisco, California 94105, USA Commercial Teachers Analytics 0 NoRedInk Corp. NoRedInk builds stronger writers through interest-based curriculum, adaptive exercises, and actionable data. The system generates every exercise from students' favorite celebrities, friends, and interests, making the content fun and relevant. The engine differentiates instruction to meet each student's needs and to support learners when they get stuck. Diagnostic data, growth reports, and gradebooks allow teachers and administrators to track progress in real time. Adaptive learning to meet each student's needs and to support learners when they get stuck Development of writing skills N/A Authentic reviews, Personalized and interesting content, Unlimited adaptive practice, Data usable. The free version has limited functionality.
Pixatel Free features 809 Legion Way SE Suite 308, Olympia, WA 98501, USA Commercial General public, Primary (6-11 years old), Secondary (12-17 years old), Teachers and Learners with special needs Analytics 0 Pixatel Systems Inc. Pixatel is a tablet-based adaptive learning platform that provides children with dynamically tailored adaptive content suitable to their individual learning level—using daily practice and testing to master each topic before advancing to the next one. Auto-generated metrics allow teachers to target students most in need of attention in real time. Adaptive learning to personalize instruction N/A Improve learning outcomes, Increase student confidence and attention span, Weaker students benefit the most N/A
Clofus Interconnect Free features 117 first floor, AVS Complex, Velachery Main Road, Kamarajapuram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600073, Inde. 2014 Commercial Primary (6-11 years old), Secondary (12-17 years old) and Post-secondary (18 years and over) Natural language processing, Visual recognition, Speech Recognition, Robotics and Analytics 0 Clofus Innovations Pvt Ltd Clofus is an artificial intelligent platform used for management of school/academic activities. Clofus AI Robot Assistant can be placed anywhere at your school and students can talk with the Robot and ask any question. Using face recognition technology, Clofus captures student emotions and can suggests to meet Student for a counseling session. Clofus can also suggest to reallocate teachers to the classes that delivers low results to improve the overall students and class results. Students can talk with the Clofus AI Robot Assistant and ask any question, Face recognition technology to capture student emotions and suggest to meet Student for a counseling session Management of school / academic activities N/A Answer students' questions, offer to meet a student for a counseling session, Teacher assignment. The free version has limited functionality
Lalilo Free features Liberté Living Lab, 16 rue du Caire 75002 Paris 2016 Commercial Primary (6-11 years old) Speech Recognition and Analytics 0 Lalilo Lalilo is a web application that teachers can use in the classroom to differentiate their teaching from reading. Through speech recognition and adaptive learning, Lalilo detects each student’s strengths and weaknesses and ensures they’re working on lessons and exercises suitable for their level of development. Adaptive learning, speech recognition Learning to read N/A Differentiate teaching, Free teacher edition Premium version for schools
Choosito! Free features University City Science Center, 3401 Market St., Philadelphia,PA 19104, USA Commercial Primary (6-11 years old), Secondary (12-17 years old) and Post-secondary (18 years and over) Natural language processing and Analytics 0 Choosito! Inc. Choosito is a smart search engine that safely searches the web for resources based on your students' reading level! Machine learning, language processing smart search engine N/A Custom search Limited free version, premium $ 50 / class Kynigou, P., et Sarantes, H. (2016). Setting the Stage for i2Flex: The View from the Elementary School. Dans Revolutionizing K-12 Blended Learning through the i²Flex Classroom Model (pp. 190-207). IGI Global.
SmartEd Africa Free features Boulevard des Nations Unies, Douala, Cameroun Commercial Secondary (12-17 years old) Analytics 0 SmartEd.Africa This application customizes the learning approach to the student's needs. It also offers tools for gamification, a pedagogical approach that attempts to make learning more interesting. All the application's content can be accessed without an Internet connection. AI for personalized learning Customizing the learning approach to the students’ needs. N/A Personalized learning, Content can be accessed without an Internet connection, Self-correcting quizzes N/A