About the interactive mapping of AI in education

Thematic mapping is a dynamic tool used to better understand, analyze, make decisions, and communicate information on a given topic. In our case, we’re focusing on AI in education. The goal of this platform is to catalogue and present the tools and projects on the application and scope of artificial intelligence in education, at the local, regional, provincial, and even international level. This is a dynamic inventory organized using labels, or indicators. You can browse through our database using our interactive map, a search engine, or simplified list.

Why is an interactive mapping of AI in education needed?

One cannot ignore the societal shifts and the new opportunities digital technology brings forth in education. It is also impossible to turn a blind eye to the ever-increasing presence of artificial intelligence (AI) in all areas of society, especially in education. AI is indeed prevalent in this field, particularly through smart phone apps or search engines learners and teachers use on a daily basis.