Interactive mapping
of AI in education

Welcome to the Interactive Mapping of Artificial Intelligence (IA) in Education site. The mapping site of tools and projects in education and artificial intelligence is straightforward in its purpose, which is to enable users to learn more about the numerous educational resources available that rely on artificial intelligence by consulting the database. The site was also designed to allow anyone to submit resources quickly and easily—in English and in French—that have not yet been indexed. All submissions are then validated by our team of researchers prior to being uploaded to the platform. An interesting feature of this interactive and participatory platform is that it offers users four different ways to search the indexed resources: A visual and interactive interface that evolves as resources are indexed; a smart search engine with suggested keywords; a simple list of all indexed resources, which can also be downloaded in different formats; an interactive map of the world showing the location of the resources.

There are four ways to view the resources:

Download the list of resources

This project is carried out by members of the Education and Empowerment Working Group of the International Observatory on the Societal Impacts of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Technologies, and the members of the Canada Research Chair in Technologies in Education.